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Teaching resources

Statistics Launchpad

If you study a scientific subject - such as Psychology, Chemistry, or Medicine - you will need to understand statistics.  If you teach a scientific subject, your will need to hep your students will statistics.

Developed my myself and Dr. Megan Barnard, Statistics Launchpad is a  website to help students and teachers with statistics.  It assumes no background knowledge, and uses a 6 toolkits (online automated lessons) to work from means and medians, to complex analyses such as ANOVA and regression.  Every toolkit includes videos, worked examples, and questions to assess your knowledge.

This website is being used to teach Psychology at both the University's UK campus, and the University's campus in Malaysia.


Interactive statistics apps

As part of Statistics Launchpad, I have build a series of apps to visualise and statistical concepts and analyses.

Each app includes an explanatory video, and allows users to create example data, to see the big ideas of statistics.

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